About Me

I am a single mother and a high school history teacher.  Despite my not-so-glamorous life, I am intensely curious and passionate about it.  I tend to follow a philosophy of approaching life with an open mind and open heart.   I have been thinking and reading as far as I can remember, and suspect that it will always be the case.

For a little insight into why I started this blog, read my first post.

The header image is from Mark Anthony King‘s Tree Series, titled “Between the Moon & the Stars.” From the Conrad-Davies Collection, Kingston, Pennsylvania.


40 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Living with 40,000 books in this house makes me a bibliophile, too, I suppose. I feel like I live with Woodie Guthrie and William Carlos Williams and Blake and Byron and all kinds of folks you mention, so in a way, we must be neighbors. And I agree with you; we are all still changing.

  2. Hi – thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to meet another book-lover – with similar tastes in books. Happy holidays, and keep blogging!

    PSri (psriblog.wordpress.com)

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! It’s always great to share in such thoughtful writing as yours. You have a fertile mind and a gentle heart–one of the best combinations anyone can have. i hope to share more with you in the coming year.

    I also do a lot of writing in the margins of my books. It’s great to know I’m not the only one.

    I think your life is pretty darn glamorous in the most important way it can be….on the inside! The richness of your thoughts and the genuinely caring way you tend to those thoughts is enviable.

    No one can truly understand fully another person in a relationship either. The most we can hope for is someone who accepts us as we are and loves us in spite of who we end up being. You are fortunate to be such a gifted writer, and as a loving person, you may experience difficulties in your own travels, but you have a lot to offer the world, so you will find your way…I’m sure.

    Looking very much forward to sharing more with you in the future……John H.

  4. I loved History when I was at school, having studied English History with Europen Dictators. Looking back now, I wish I was a bit more mature about it, super history teacher though. Forgot his notes one lesson, we thought we were off the hook but he swam through a 2hr lesson with ease, amazing.

  5. Hey Kris,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing a few moments with my writing. From reading your writing here it seems like we have a lot of interests in common, even though our emphasis is a bit different generally. We both appreciate poetry and the classics. We have similar enthusiasm for great writers. We both appreciate the challenge of parenting and apparently have endured some similar life experiences.

    I know you generally choose to avoid including personal commentary in your blog and I respect your choice on that, but I have found that, at least on occasion, adding some personal notes that relate to the subject, like my recollection of my “artistic” experiences as a young man that you read recently, can give your readers a clearer sense of how the subject relates to the world we live in, and can empower your writing in a way that simply cannot be easily accomplished by other means.

    I’m quickly becoming a fan of your blog and appreciate your work very much…..John H.

    • Thank you so much. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog, as well.

      You’re probably right regarding the more personal commentary, and I realize that the longer I write here, the more comfortable I am letting a little of myself through…

      Again, thank you!

  6. Thank you for being my first follower 🙂 even though I haven’t even posted anything yet. I’ve been reading your blog for several days now, and I keep going back time and time again to read your posts, your blog is versatile and just quite inspiring!

  7. Kris,
    I’ve just discovered your blog by discovering a comment of yours on the blog of someone who reads my blog. (It’s easy sometimes in this world of blogging to feel a bit like Alice traveling down the rabbit hole; one squeezes through a tiny space and discovers a universe the existence of which one never even suspected). I enjoy your writing style, and I look forward to backtracking and reading more of your posts. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you found it! And yes, I’ve had a similar Alice-like sense since starting this whole blogging thing. I’ve been reading through your site as well and am loving it. Very glad to meet you!

  8. Well, thank you so much for following. I would never have actually discovered my own means of having a creative outlet if it wasn’t for the support and guidance of my high school English teacher, so I would like to extend that thanks out to you. I’m sure there are students that you are affecting even now!

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  10. Good morning, Kris – I don’t remember exactly where I found you…possibly as a “like” button on someone else’s blog…but am glad I did. Seems we share some similar interests…similar favorite authors…Darwin, Dawkins, Sagan…Eco. I’ll be visiting.

    Take care, Scott

  11. Oh, youre, a teacher? I’m a teacher too. I teach English to international students. A great fun! I’m sure you’d agree with that. 🙂

    You have got a really nice blog up here, and your posts are wonderful. I enjoy what I’ve been reading so far. Well done on this! 🙂

    Warm regards,

    Subhan Zein

  12. Hi – I follow your blog and have enjoyed your posts – we have similar interests/opinions. Havent seen a post in a while – hope all’s well. Take care.

  13. Where are you? I’ve missed reading your blog updates and hope that everything is okay!

    Best wishes—and come back soon!

  14. Dear Kristen, I have a little hobby – restore old photos and I found your grandmother’s photo in your blog. I tried to restore it and I’d like to send you my result (this is not my best work, but maybe you will be interested in it). Could you please send me e-mail on regina@regina.ee and I will send your photo back.

    With best wishes!

  15. You are gorgeous.
    Where have you disappeared since August 03?
    Found your blog via a search engine and was looking forward to your latest write up…
    Now following… 🙂

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