I dedicate this blog to my students – past, present, and future – who I always wanted more time with.  Time to debate and discuss, and time to explore more deeply the history and ideas that we barely touched upon in class.

21 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. I am loving it so far! Even downloaded the app to read them while I’m at work. I miss you so much and thank you for changing my life. Best teacher I’ve ever had 🙂

  2. So cute Merino. I wish I would have taken ap euro with you! D:
    I had nine months of Napoleon Bonaparte and the defenestration of Prague. It was…less than enlightening to say the least. I was jipped damn it. I’m thinking of starting a blog because of your wonderful success here. Alas, I have nothing to talk about. I doubt my college woos are of any interest haha

  3. For starters, I feel obliged to disclose that I intuit an enigmatic connection to anyone who is or was a high school history teacher and/ or a single parent because my father was the former and my mother was the latter. So, maybe I am partial and predisposed towards history educators and single parents. (We are products of our environment and our genes.) Who knows? Anyway, I just finalized a perusal of several of your posts. I was reminded of a Martin Gardner quote concerning Isaac Asimov and I thought it was pertinent:
    “When I first met Asimov, I asked him if he was a professor at Boston University. He said no and … asked me where I got my Ph.D. I said I didn’t have one and he looked startled. “You mean you’re in the same racket I am,” he said, “you just read books by the professors and rewrite them?”
    I feel certain this quote embodies your blog and I intend that to be a premier accolade. For, Asimov was profoundly coruscating, enjoyed a gluttonous craving for erudition, and was proficient in every realm of human thought. (Asimov joked, “that he had published books in all ten categories of the Dewey Decimal System.” Not true, he couldn’t conquer philosophy.) Your similar adept writing on such a wide-range of subjects is admirable and I surmise that is why I detected a compulsion to scribble this comment. I sense, in you, an Asimovic thirst. Or maybe I am just a nostalgic fool?
    Whatever it is, continue reading and writing as if you are “hungrily, operating on the margins of a potentially great harvest of future knowledge and wisdom.”

    BTW, I came across your blog on Dr. Coyne’s website, so here’s to seeing ya ’round.


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