Stephen Fry Discusses the Joys of Swearing

“Things not being necessary are what makes life interesting…” Absolutely right.

Thank you Madison at  Always Question Authority, for posting this. It was too good to not pass along.


9 thoughts on “Stephen Fry Discusses the Joys of Swearing

  1. unfortunately due to me being at work, i can’t watch this video (which begs the question why, like so many of us, am I looking at WP while at work? probably for self-promotion of the art of writing). but on the subject of swearing, I’ve heard some comments from an older generation that my use of “Fuck.” at the end of was unnecessary. I beg to differ in that it conveys exactly what I think it should convey, a sense of utter hopelessness due in part to the nature of the topic.

    all in all, after that long example, swearing may be looked at as unintelligent, but damn do I do it often

  2. Not sure — I think that much swearing is oppressive and is intended to be oppressive. When a man calls a woman a b****, for example, he is insulting her (comparing her to a dog) and demonstrating a lack of respect for her as a human being. Not only is the language hurtful, it creates a mental coarsenes in the person who says it — causing him to think of women merely as inferior sexualized objects. (If I really go around thinking of women as c***s and b****es then I really have transformed them into sub-human sex objects.)

    When racists uses the n-word to describe black people, they are reinforcing a particular world view that dehumanizes the target of those words.

    I have met women who are in relationships or marriages in which they are regularly verbally abused. Even if the element of physical abuse is missing, the verbal abuse hurts and damages those women. If only for this reason alone, I would exercise extreme care in use of vulgar language.

  3. Offense to one is offense to all…well…unless it’s not direct, so this may be OK, if pointed to the third person (sometimes conveniently not present, etc, etc., :).

    I like your post, Kris!

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