Something beautiful for a Friday evening.

This has been one of those weeks where work has threatened to completely consume my last shed of sanity, and my daughter, who only recently started school, has been sick again. In other words, it has been a week where I have been occupied and preoccupied to the point of near-numbness, and as the weekend approaches, I have decided to take a moment to stop and remember that not all is stress and worry.

I admit to having more than a mere passing interest in the work of Spanish street artist Sam3. His work, which I’ve featured in this blog here and here, has an uncanny ability to tug at something almost visceral, and fill me with that ineffable sense of wonder that I’ve so often talked about here, and that at times like this is so sorely needed. I wish I was better at expressing what his art communicates to me, but I can say that it is certainly poetic, always thought-provoking, and unfailingly beautiful.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


7 thoughts on “Something beautiful for a Friday evening.

  1. You have convinced me! Indeed, almost archetypal: No matter how I wrap my mind around these three paintings, i can find another deeper more primordial meaning than the last: Like the tree we all are and the destiny of nature feeding from us, as we’re voluntarily feeding it, rooted, looking at the skies. Very powerful, and totally beautiful: Time and space, LIFE, feeding from us, feeding at us….One thing I like about your story of events of this past week is the tense, the past perfect, I can almost hear your sigh of relief as things are getting better, and troubles have dissipated, like clouds, that weren’t meant to bring about a deluge…. Beautiful!

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