I normally try to stay away from politics here, but this is one issue that really has angry lately, and this morning I came across this post that captures my sentiments just perfectly.

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That is IT! I have HAD it up to my pre-menopausal eyeballs! Ladies, and men who support women and see us as your equals, it is time to get MAD! Or get even MADDER! Time to be vocal, time to stand up for our rights!!! I am going to rant, and I mean rant hard! This may end up being a babble-fest, but damn it, I’ve got to get this off my chest. Or should I say breasts, as I am a woman and freakin’ damn proud of it!

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    • Absolutely. And it was an excellent post. I’ve kept trying to be tactful when approaching discussing this subject, but for Christ’s sake, I’m pissed off about it and you’re post made me realize that that’s just fine. Keep on writing!

      • Men have always governed over a woman’s reproductive rights. Ask the Pope if he has been pregnant. I do suspect that if this committee was not controlled by the Republicans and specifically Darrell Issa, there probably would have been several woman on the panel.

        But what amazes me is that women, who grudgingly were given the right to vote not too long ago, allow this sort of crap to go on. It would seem to me that an oppressed group which just happens to constitute the largest voting block in this country would toss out the oppressors and vote in the people who will support womens’ rights and wishes.

        Here’s a scary thought: Rick Santorum is effectively campaigning on a return of women’s’ rights to the only level he sees as acceptable—barefoot and pregnant. How many women are intending to vote for a President that openly opposes contraception, let alone abortion?

  1. why is birth control being debated? It’s 2012. Women everywhere have the right to to prevent a pregnancy and men everywhere have the responsibily to know her thoughts on the subject. This makes me crazy. I know a lot of strange things happen over there, but really, a debate on birthcontrol? I thought this was a joke at first. The bus has reached crazy town, please exit to your left.

    • Don’t shout too loud: the Republicans think it is 1912 and if we shatter their delusion they might turn rogue and make vitamins illegal. You probably missed a subtle inanity: the Republicans believe that a woman will just get hysterical if she has to be concerned with reproduction and then dinner won’t be on the table on time, so the men have kindly assumed the full responsibility of managing women’s bodies.

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