Rings and Enceladus

Because it’s beautiful.

For a wonderful and informative discussion of this image of Saturn and its moon, visit Bad Astronomy, and as Phil Plait so eloquently reminds us towards the end of his post,

…in science, there’s no such thing as just a pretty picture. Science is a tapestry, a vast complex fabric interwoven with countless threads. Each of those threads is amazing, each important, and each leads to another. And that’s where the true beauty of science lies.

Photo originally found here.

5 thoughts on “Rings and Enceladus

  1. … some times I think I was born just too late… so I cannot fly on a propeller DC-3, work as an engineer operating compass and paper drawings all day and enjoy live music without any kind of electronic playback instrumentation… But to be able, in this era, to see pictures like this… it is such a gift! 🙂 Thank you for this new breath of air into my romantism towards life!

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