Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Darwin!

Happy Darwin Day, everyone!

A global celebration of science and reason.

Today more than ever, when anti-science has become a veritable movement in America (think anti-evolution, global warming denial, anti-vaccination), it is important that we commemorate the lives of the people, like Charles Darwin, who changed the course of our history through the use of reason and my expanding our scientific understanding of the world around us.

In our own celebration of Darwin Day, and of science and reason, my daughter and I are taking a trip to our local science museum. If you’re interested in commemorating this man’s birthday, you can go to the International Darwin Day Foundation and see if there are any activities in your area, and I’ve included this video to help us all celebrate. It’s a TED talk by Dennis Dutton where he discusses a Darwinian theory of beauty. Not only is it a fascinating topic, but its animated by Andrew Park, of RSA Animate.

Enjoy! And Happy Darwin Day!

9 thoughts on “Happy Darwin Day!

  1. When I traveled to London a few years ago I was fascinated by the people that they put on the back of their currency: Charles Darwin and Adam Smith. Can you imagine the furor that would erupt if Darwin was an American and there was a petition to put him on the back of the ten dollar bill? Instead, on the back of our currency we have delightful sayings like “In God We Trust”.

  2. For many it is still hard to understand that this wolrd is a sphere “floating” in the Universe and that it is possible to go to the moon (and that some human beings have already been there). Let’s hope for an age with better understanding of the world around us without a new dark age in this meanwhile…

  3. Liked your post so much, I confess, I had to share the experience: it’s like butter evenly spread on bread, where the bread would be the world’s map. Thank you so much!

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