I just read this post on Acid Free Pulp, and I thought I’d pass the news along. This is a local event for those of us that are South Floridians, and one the should be well worth attending.

Acid Free Pulp

For the frequent readers of this blog, you know that I’m located in the Big Apple. Because I live in NYC, I’m lucky to be exposed to many great cultural shenanigans–especially, writerly events. However, this post will be different.

I’ve noticed that many comments are from readers who wish they had something comparable in their home city.¹ Well, for those from South Florida, you’re in luck! I’ve been tipped off that John Barth will be reading and discussing a new essay from the most recent Granta. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know that Barth was still alive (many of his contemporaries have long been buried). The works of his I’m most familiar with are Lost in the Funhouseand Chimera.

I’ve been to Granta readings in the past and I’m sure the one in Miami will be enjoyable also. Here are the details:

Feb 7 2012 8:00…

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  1. The Sot-Weed Factor is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. When I say this now, even in literate circles, I get a blank stare – it seems his writing has gone of out style somewhat.

    • I got into a recent back-and-forth on another Weblog with an apparently well-read and well-educated woman who insisted that Barth, and specifically Sot-Weed, was such trash that she didn’t see how he ever got published. I didn’t know that Barth was possibly America’s foremost pornographer … although there was that wench. Oh well, chacun à son goût.

      I suppose you might consider Barth more for his time and for his geography: if you think postmodernism is dead and you prefer San Francisco Bay, then Barth is probably not high on your reading list.

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