Miss Piggy on FOX News

A few weeks back, Eric Bolling on FOX News ridiculously accused the new Muppet movie of containing a secret liberal agenda meant to “brainwash” our kids. Thankfully, the Muppets addressed this at a recent press conference in London…

Happy Friday everyone!


14 thoughts on “Miss Piggy on FOX News

  1. Great clip! I’m always amazed at how lifelike the Muppets can be. And how lifelike Fox newscasters can be as well, at least on occasion.

  2. Aside from the Fox News idiocy, and I think it’s fair to say Fox News defines the word and should be ignored, this was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. The fact that Bret from Flight of the Conchords wrote the songs was pretty much all I needed to hear from my wife to drag the kids to see it.

  3. Ha! This was genius. As an American in London, I watch more Fox News than is healthy (unlike CNN outside the US, Fox is shown in all its unedited American “glory” rather than in international form) so I see the madness everyday. Shep Smith aside, they are some wacky people.

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