Please turn off your cell phones…

Not only is his playing absolutely beautiful, but his reaction to the ringing phone is just priceless.

Slovak musician Lukáš Kmit responds to a ringing phone by improvising his own version of the Nokia ringtone. Filmed at the Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Presov Slovakia. Recorded by GREATMILAN in July 30, 2011.



8 thoughts on “Please turn off your cell phones…

  1. I grant that it is cute. I’ve twice seen and heard something similar occur during jazz performances.

    But even though it was an accident that the cell phone was set to have an audible ring, it is just rude — not only to the performer, but also to the other audience members.

    So, in the end, I prefer this youtube video:

    • I can’t say that I disagree. In fact, it reminded me of an old King Crimson live album that I used to listen to where Robert Fripp stopped the show and confiscated some poor audience member’s camera. Not that he would have heard it over the music, but I can only imagine his reaction to a cell phone going off.

  2. I’m thinking for 2 minutes now for a comment and here it is:

    I’m textless (and speechless): A cellular phone can ruin a precious moment like no other thing (I think!), except great answer!

  3. I do love his reaction, instead of asking him directly to turn it off or ask for his phone to be confiscated he politely brings his attention to how rude and distracting it is with a touch of humor and without making much a fuss about it.

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