Celebrating One Hundred Posts!

Artwork by Kiyoshi Yamashita

100 Posts!

Incredible, 100 posts! When I started this blog three months ago, I had no idea that I would love it all this much. This experience has been and continues to be an incredible one. Just having this blog has really pushed me to look at my world in a different way, and to think through and about things differently. It was certainly a lifesaver two months ago when my personal life became more painful that I could really handle.

I’ve learned so much, not only through writing, but through reading everyone’s amazing posts. It was an unexpected but wonderful thing to realize that this was not a solitary adventure, and that there is a real community here. A community of people who I have grown to admire, respect, and in some cases, genuinely like.

When I first set out to start this thing, I was really worried that it wouldn’t last. I thought it would become a bit too much like work, or worse, that my procrastinating tendencies would get the better of me. In fact, my second blog post was about that very thing. This blog, however, has unexpectedly become such a part of me now. Its open the door to some amazing opportunities, and at the end of the day, it’s something that is mine that I am simply really proud of and something that I plan to continue for a long time to come.

So an enormous thank you to Ken, who got this all started on a Sunday morning over breakfast, and to all of the readers, followers, and commenters out there in blog-land, who without you, well, this blog wouldn’t exist.

Stay curious, and a huge thank you to everyone!


15 thoughts on “Celebrating One Hundred Posts!

  1. LOL.. .I went through the same thing. I had subbed a friends blog early this year, and in doing so created a wp.com user name. It wasn’t until April I decided, “What the heck” and created a blog figuring it wouldn’t go anywhere. After all, I’d already created some on tumble, blogger and google, and they just sat. And not being a very proficient writer, I wasn’t confident in my ability. So I did a lot of copy/paste of what’s in the news. No commentary on my end. But even then, became complete addicted almost immediately! Then, around October, I discovered the blogging community, bouncing from blog to blog, subbing, commenting, and finding friends. I so love the wordpress community! Now, nine months later on a site I originally thought I wouldn’t tend to and would die, I have 603 posts. I so LOVE wordpress and blogging!

  2. Just remember…those are only your FIRST 100 posts…I look forward with much anticipation to the NEXT 100 posts from such an accomplished and inveterate thinker. Your fellow bloggers are the beneficiaries of your efforts and are encouraged and empowered by your success.


  3. As a new blogger myself Kris I’m amazed at how much I’m enjoying both my blogs.. and I just love the sense of community and relationship I’ve already built up with my regular followers and commenters.. Keep going !

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