Interruptions and SOPA

Wow, what a week. My apologies for not writing. After a hellish week at work, combined with migraines, child and cat related health-scares (thankfully everyone is just fine), a shopping spree at IKEA, and an attempt to completely redecorate my bedroom, I’ve had no time left for anything. What exactly is it about us humans that allow us to thoroughly delude ourselves into thinking that we can take on as much as we do? I am, however, a big believer in learning experiences, and, well, this week I learned that a) I’m not tall enough to paint the ceiling line on my own, no matter how tall the chair, 2) three-year olds cannot paint, at all, 3) iron beds are heavy, 4) my grandmother is one tough woman, 5) layering procrastination is never an effective coping strategy when confronted with a pile of work, and 6) I’m more stubborn that I thought.

The finished IKEA bed, with the little one laying claim.

I’m tempted to give more details, but I have to keep reminding myself that no one is interested in listening to me go on and on about insane IKEA instructions, or my sick cat, so all that aside, let’s get back to the regularly scheduled blog.

Despite my Luddite-esque week, I have kept up with the SOPA protests and I thought I would share this video of Neil Gaiman discussing copyright piracy and the Internet. His voice is always an eloquent and intelligent addition to any debate.

Well, the week is nearly over, everyone is healthy, my home looks great, and although the pile of work is still waiting (maybe tomorrow….), I at least feel that things are just about back to normal.


14 thoughts on “Interruptions and SOPA

  1. You should get an extension pole for your roller: it screws into the handle and then you will have no problem painting ceilings. To keep things neat, I use a roller for ceilings that has a built-in splash pan. Then again, I can wait for my daughter to visit and she just loves to paint.

    • The funny thing is that once upon a time I painted houses for a living (for a short time while living abroad). You would think I would have started this project in the proper way with the proper tools. Of course, that was not the case. I grabbed a brush and a roller (no pole) and got to working. And the painting was the easy bit… you should have seen me struggling with a massive IKEA bookcase with my 84 year old grandmother and my 3 year old daughter running around. It was a comedy of errors but all turned out well 🙂

  2. The idea that giving stuff away for free attracts money is old, but has not been applied to intellectual property as widely or as long. It’s all new, this territory, and completely fascinating. He is so eloquent. Thanks.

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