A Heaven for Atheists?

This little clip is from one of my favorite BBC shows, QI. It gave me a pretty good laugh this morning, so I thought I’d share.

Every year, as we approach the Enlightenment segment of my European History class, we talk about Pascal’s Wager, and although many students have often expressed frustration at the limitations of his either/or proposition, and several, especially the Catholics, have pointed out the “mind-reader” problem, never has anyone proposed this brilliant third option, and I’ve taught some pretty bright and witty people.


11 thoughts on “A Heaven for Atheists?

  1. I went with fourth option, what if there’s more than one god, lol. After all, if there’s one, why not more than one?

    Vid was hilarious, Love Stephen Fry. Even if I did see more of him than I ever wanted to in the new Holmes movie. Shame we can’t have more open discussions like this in the US.

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