Kreativ Blogger

A very heartfelt thank you to one of my favorite bloggers, Marc Schuster, for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award.  He’s a wonderful writer, and his posts are always full of wit, candor, and intelligence.

According to the rules, I now have to name six blogs that I think should receive this award, and list ten things that you probably don’t know about me. Like I said when I received the Versatile Blogger Award, the first part is easy, the second, not so much.

Six “Kreativ” Blogs

  1. Chazz W
  2. Acid Free Pulp
  3. Lower Dover Field Journal
  4. Dispersal of Darwin
  5. John’s Consciousness
  6. Omphalos Cafe

Ten things about me…

  1. In reply to Marc, I prefer ales to lagers (although I would rather a really smoky scotch).
  2. I have eight tattoos.
  3. My daughter had her first day of school this past Monday, and she loved it. She took a stack of twelve books with her, “in case they didn’t have enough.” Yep, she’s my daughter.
  4. I’m currently reading Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther and a book of Rilke’s collected works.
  5. I keep getting TVs as gifts, even though I hardly watch television. I’m currently trying to figure out what to do with a forty-inch flat screen that I received for Christmas.
  6. I bake pretty delicious cakes and pastries.
  7. My eyes teared up a bit during a lecture on Romanticism this morning. I think I’ve been spending too much time with Werther.
  8. I took part in a belly dance flash mob, and despite myself, I loved every minute of it.
  9. I spent a good part of my early twenties attending Grateful Dead shows.
  10. I’m still nursing my broken heart.

3 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger

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  2. What an interesting person you are, Kristin! You should post more auto-biographic posts. I think you have so much to share (and teach!).

    A hug for that healing heart!

    • Aw, thanks. I always feel a bit uncomfortable writing about myself, although the more comfortable I get with this whole blogging thing the easier its becoming. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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