Wonder, Awe, and More Street Art

In keeping with this week’s unplanned theme of living with a sense of wonder, I wanted to share these images with you. Last night I was browsing through the same street art blog where I had found that fabulous Darwin image that I posted last week, and I came across this brilliant work by Spanish urban artist Sam3.

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of keeping a sense of awe and magic as we grow up and older, and there is something about this particular image that speaks to that very thing. The individual sits on his firmly rooted perch while his eyes gaze in wonder and longing at the ineffable infinity of the stars above him. Just takes my breath away.

This one wall is par of a larger set, that when taken together becomes even more stunning, and speaks to that idea even more. Moreover, it reinforces the belief in our potential. We are not only capable of developing the ideas that help us understand our universe, but we can transform our spaces in to places that exude magic and make them truly wonderful. It shows how we have the ability to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Although Miami is not necessarily a cultural Mecca, I think its appropriate to point out our Wynwood Walls, where, since 2009, artists have been using the drab, cinderblock, industrial buildings of the Wynwood neighborhood as their canvas, not only beautifying but actually revitalizing the once-avoided area.

12 thoughts on “Wonder, Awe, and More Street Art

  1. Kris, I can’t express how much I like your “living with a sense of wonder” theme. I adopted that same view earlier this year when I realized how lucky I was and how grateful I should be.

    Your pictures are amazing and Miami seems a nice city. I don’t live on a cultural mecca either but that makes cultural research much more challening, right?

    I wish you all happy holidays and the best in the year to come and, above all, that you can transmit that sense of wonder to your child and your students. I had a teacher like you last year and she was truly an inspiration!

    • Thank you. I certainly didn’t plan on a themed week, but it seems appropriate to remind ourselves to continue to live with open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart as the year winds down.

  2. I have no other word than FANTASTIC! I don’t like the gross graffiti that liters many public spaces but this street art is well, art. There is an interesting mural in Berlin in the Turkish neighborhood that I wish I had taken a picture of. Next time I’m there, I’ll snap a few and send them your way.

    Have you seen the film Exit Through the Gift Shop?

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