Our New Telescope!

Finally assembled and ready to go, here’s the telescope that Santa brought us for Christmas. I’m hoping to be able to head out into a less light-polluted area sometime this week for a good look at our night sky. I can’t wait for my daughter to get her first good look at the moon! Of course, I’ll write all about it once we go on our first astronomy adventure.


13 thoughts on “Our New Telescope!

  1. That so cool! I want a telescope. We live in a rural area, so at night, especially on clear summer nights, the sky is just lit up with stars. AMAZING!! I’d love to be able to see it close up. Maybe next year I’ll ask Santa for a telescope.

    • You should! I wish I lived a bit farther away from the city lights. We can see a bit here from our yard, but I’m still trying to get us out of the city for a night to be able to REALLY see.

  2. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but there’s a documentary I saw at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival that you would really love. Unfortunately most people will probably never get an opportunity to see it unless maybe someday it makes it to public television. It’s a film about the Atacama desert in Chile – the driest place on earth. The skies there are absolutely translucent and astronomers say it is the best place on earth to view the stars.

    In Patricio Guzmán’s doc astronomy meets archaeology meets the brutal politics of Pinochet. It is really terrific and awe inspiring. It was released in New York back in March, but likely nowhere else – or not many places. It can be rented at Amazon (or purchased) though.

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