Why Atoms are Empty

I came across this video the other night on Metousiosis, and I can just say how giddy I get watching this stuff? In the video, physicist Brian Cox, along with physicist Jim Al-Khalili and comedian Simon Pegg, give us an informative, and very funny, demonstration regarding standing waves and nature of atoms. This clip was taken from BBC Two’s “A Night With The Stars.”

And just as an aside… we really do need better television on this side of the pond.


7 thoughts on “Why Atoms are Empty

  1. I always smile when you post physics and astronomy stuff, because I too have a huge fascination for it. Cosmos (a hardcover and soft) and Pale Blue Dot sit on my shelf alongside works on relativity, plus a bio of Einstein, which I need consult for an upcoming post on my favourite Einstein moment. The Dancing Wu Li Masters is just one of the increasing attempts at bridging the gap back from science to myth and spirituality. I hate the sort of comment that shamelessly promotes one’s own works, but I smiled with your Sagan quote on ‘starstuff’ as a post I published back on August 6th was titled ‘We Are Star Stuff…No, Literally!’ (Its under ‘science’ category). One thing about this blogging business is that it’s very immediate and the posts that lie buried a month or two in the past, posts we may believe absolutely brilliant (that could be a little strong), are gone, lost forever. The shame of it!

    • I’ll definitely give your post a read!

      It’s interesting what you said about the immediacy of this medium. I was thinking about that just the other day. Posts that I absolutely love are buried under less-than-stellar ones, ignored. I was even thinking about putting together a “favorite posts” page or something to that effect, to resurrect some of the older, better ones.

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