I just wanted to take a moment to apologize for the lack of posts these last couple of days, and in the next day or two to come. I’m taking a short break in light of a seriously difficult time that I’m going through. Last month, when I started this blog, I vowed to keep my personal life well out of it. This was not a “journal” blog that I was writing, it was more an outlet for my intellectual energies, a place to write about books, music, literature, history, science, and I fear that if I start writing about anything now, it will be quickly consumed by these incredibly powerful emotions that I’m feeling. Maybe in a couple of days I’ll get back to writing, if nothing else, it will provide a good distraction from all of this.


12 thoughts on “Interruptions

  1. I’m positive you’ll find a way to deal with the troubles you are facing. Like everyone here, I’ll miss your insights and your passion for the things you love. Hang in there my friend.

  2. Thank you, everyone. Never in a million years would I have imagined that starting this blog would introduce me to such wonderful people. I’ll be back soon … I really do need a distraction from all of this.

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