Neil Gaiman on the Simpsons!

Gaiman pays a visit to Springfield

Recently, The Simpsons featured Neil Gaiman (owner of a remarkable personal library, and award-winning author) on an episode titled “The Book Job.” In this episode, Gaiman, referred to as the “British Fonzie” by Homer, joins the other usual suspects in attempting to perpetrate a “tween-lit” scam.

According to,

In the episode, Homer, Bart and a rag-tag group of Simpsons odds-and-ends characters team up with Gaiman to produce a book about teen trolls and then — when the publisher tries to change it — engage in an Ocean’s Eleven-esque plot to get their original version in bookstores (their publishing partner is voiced by Andy Garcia, naturally).

Hulu is only releasing this episode for a couple of weeks, so watch it now while you can. It’s incredibly funny, and Gaiman is a wonderful and oddly well-fitting addition. Here’s the full episode…


6 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman on the Simpsons!

  1. Watched it the other day. Wasn’t it a hoot? I hadn’t watched The Simpsons in ages because I’ve grown tired of it, but this episode made me remember what I used to really like about it.

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