A Wonderful Thanksgiving

The turkey is in the oven, the pumpkin pudding is cooling, and the table is set.  Finally a moment to sit and relax before getting ready for dinner.  For most of us, Thanksgiving is a day of family and enormous quantities of food, and yes, that’s part of what makes this holiday one of my favorites.  But it’s also a day where we should stop and really be grateful for all that we have.  It may not seem like much, specially in today’s world, but if we stop and really think about it, for most of us, our lives are pretty darn good.  I have a job that (most of the time) I really do love and that allows me to think and learn on a daily basis, I have a family that, despite their peculiarities, are a fine group of people who I know love and support me, I have a daughter who is smart, healthy, funny, and strong, and a relationship, where I feel loved and free to love. I have free time to spend with the people I love, and to read the books that are such an important part of my life. In short, despite my daily worries and fears, I am truly thankful for that I have, all who I know, and all that I get to do.

So in that spirit, I just wanted to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving.  May your evening be filled with good food, great wine, and wonderful company.



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