The destruction of books…

The thought of books being destroyed, discarded, or God-forbid, burned is intolerable, and it evokes feelings of repression and censorship. Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement are reporting that when Zuccotti Park was cleared last night, the books in their makeshift library (5,554 volumes!) were thrown away. Someone tweeted,

NYPD destroying american cultural history, they’re destroying the documents, the books, the artwork of an event in our nation’s history… Right now, the NYPD are throwing over 5,000 books from our library into a dumpster. Will they burn them?

Another report (from the Occupy Wall Street Library site) stated,

it was clear from the livestream and witnesses inside the park that the property was destroyed by police and DSNY workers before it was thrown in dumpsters.

Other reports have mentioned that the books have been taken by the Department of Sanitation for storage, and that they can be claimed by their owners with “proper identification.”

If those books were destroyed or thrown away it would truly be a great tragedy. Here’s to hoping that cooler heads and better sense prevailed, and that the books were saved.

4 thoughts on “The destruction of books…

  1. I read about this in NY Times this morning. It also saddened me to read that their library was destroyed. The NYPD swooped in at night not even allowing the protesters to take their tents and other possessions.

    On a footnote, a few years ago, a man who ran some kind of business online that exclusively sold used books. He had no personal investment in the books beyond a financial one and told me that they periodical destroyed multiple pallets of books if they didn’t sell.

    There is something inherently wrong in burning/destroying books. Hopefully, some of the Occupy books made it through the night. Although, it is raining now in NYC. So I’m sure if there are any left at the park they are getting damaged.

  2. It looks as if at least most of the OWS Libary books are okay. LA Times book blog just posted
    that “The books that librarians and other protesters at Occupy Wall Street feared had been thrown out in a police raid on Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning have been located. The books are being stored in a sanitation garage in Manhattan. The mayor’s office tweeted a photograph of the stored books, saying, ‘Property from #Zuccotti, incl #OWS library, safely stored @ 57th St Sanit Garage; can be picked up Weds.'”

    Good news 🙂

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