Van Gogh, 14th July Celebration in Paris

It’s the two-week anniversary of Intelligent Life, and just a little while ago it reached 1000 views!  It may not seem like much, but it’s extremely exciting. I was hesitant to begin this blog, incredibly unsure as to why anyone would want to read what I had to say, but as a result of some gentle persuasion (thank you, Ken), I took the plunge on Halloween and haven’t looked back since.  In just two short weeks I’ve fallen in love with this site and with what it has allowed me to express.  The first post I wrote dealt with a journey. I closed the first post by writing,

So what is the purpose of this blog?  To finally do something with all of these annotations, to use them as the foundation of a more insightful, meaningful journey through my books.  I suppose, much like Heat-Moon, being a solitary traveler has served me well, but sometimes this traveler longs for a little conversation, a little company on the journey, and I hope that this blog will do just that.

So far, this blog has provided me with just that, introducing me to a whole world of other readers, thinkers, writers, and travelers. It has been incredible and full of unexpected surprises.  I’ve become more confident in my writing and in expressing my ideas, and I’ve added an entirely new dimension in regards to how I interact with my books.  This is a journey that is nowhere near an end.

Thank you everyone for reading, for commenting, for following.  I cannot wait to continue along this road with all of you.

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